Color ranges

Color ranges

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Dîner D'artistes proposes to you a broad range of vitrifiable color with lead and without lead. They were worked out by Francine Cohen starting from the FERRO colors and HERAUS. They are cooked on porcelain between 780 and 860°C.

Take the time to test your colors, your mixtures, before applying them to the final support in order to avoid the unpleasant surprised ones!

Caution: the colors containing of lead, cannot in no case to be used to decorate an object of food use except if you cook your support at very high temperature 860°C.



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The vitrifiable colors of range CERADEL result from the porcelain industry of Limoges. They were selected in collaboration with professionals of decoration on porcelain, for their texture making them easy to pose. their rich and major colors, and brightness of their colour. They are cooked on porcelain between 780 and 860°C and earthenware between 730 and 760°C.


Vitrifiable colors SCHJERNING are obtained by a selection and a rigorous proportioning of oxides and fluxes. The manufacturing process worked out, combined to the extreme smoothness of crushing, brings a regularity in the colours and very particular comfort at the time of the implementation.